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Kid Lunch Boxes

It’s that time again…. time to start thinking about your kid lunch boxes for the new school year.  I have been to Target and WalMart and noticed that all the new school supplies are in and they are ready to go.  Now personally I worry about my kid lunch boxes the week prior to school, but this year we are on a hunt so I will be looking sooner.  My kid lunch boxes this year will be a bento box.  While bento boxes don’t typically fit in traditional lunch boxes, they do usually make their own lunch box.   Now my son had a bento box last year and it is still in great condition, but to spice things up a bit we are going to buy another one.  Last year the kid lunch boxes consisted of a laptop lunch box and a regular lunch box that I purchased at Pottery Barn.  I love the laptop lunch box, and the Pottery Barn lunch box is fine, but I need to use plastic baggies and tupperware.   This time I want a size in between two and I would really love to eliminate the need for plastic baggies during lunch.

Great Kid Lunch Boxes

Bento Boxes make great kid lunch boxes, they offer compartments so that you child’s food doesn’t touch (we all know how important that is).  It cuts down on the amount of plastic baggies you use and it creates a fun and colorful way to serve lunch.  There are plenty of options too when creating your kid lunch boxes.  There are tons of devices to keep food separate, cut shapes into your food and cook books for inspiration.

My son is always begging for Lunchables to as my kid lunch boxes… GROSS!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love junk food, but Lunchables to me are just gross, I am sure the only thing that attracts my son to cold bread with cold sauce and unmelted cheese is the draw of the compartments and of course the little bag of M&Ms (all of which I can make for a lot less when using bento boxes for my kid lunch boxes).

Example of some Kid Lunch Boxes

Please click on the pictures to find out more:

kid lunch boxesKid Lunch Boxes by Laptop Lunches — they come in different colors and patterns.  These are perfect for school or daycare lunches.  I have read complaints that the tops are hard to get on with the little kids.  My son is 6 and seems to have no problem with it. For more reviews please click here to visit Amazon for reviews by consumers.


This is from Goodbyn, it has good reviews, but some do mention that the lid pops off easily and that the juice container may leak.  It does say that it fits nicely into a back pack. It comes with stickers so that your child may give it their personal touches. For more reviews click here to go to Amazon.


These kid lunch boxes are from Easy Lunch Boxes.  They are a less expensive alternative.  They are more substantial than the gladware version that you can get at the grocery store.  These are PBA free, but they are NOT leak proof.  They also offer a caring bag that fits them perfectly.  Click here for more reviews from Amazon.


PlanetBox makes very cool kid lunch boxes.  These come with its own carrying case, you can buy magnets to dress up the outside and these offer plenty of compartments to fit a full days worth of snacks and lunch.  I have found zero negative reviews yet, in fact I have read a few times that this is the best kid lunch box ever.  This however is the most expensive on the list.  It is worth checking out at any account.  Click here for more reviews on PlanetBox at Amazon.

I would say that the above are the in my opinion the best kid lunch boxes on the bento box market.  Now there are plenty more bento boxes on the market.  One of the best places to look around is Bento & Co or Amazon.  They will have plenty of options and ideas on how best to dress up your kid lunch boxes for this coming school year.


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Bento and co | What will they think of next?

Bento and co

Bento and Co is a great place to check out the newest bentos.  I love going on and following them.  They now offer a silverware set that can be both a fork and spoon or you can flip them and use them as chop sticks… pretty cool right?  Bento and co must have

As you all know, there may be a slight obsession over bento boxes in my house.  I would like to say that I practice all the decorating and creative artwork that goes into packing the perfect bento box, but I usually throw together a grilled cheese, carrot sticks and some chips as my 6 year old is pretty picky.  I do however visit Bento and co on a weekly basis, just to see what else is on the market.  I really like to window shop their website, the colors are beautiful and the site is so easy to navigate.

Bento and co | Why the draw?

Bento and co is a great online destination for everything bento.  They offer up the cutest styles and ideas of boxes on the market.  If you love bentos, the shop is defiantly worth checking out.

I personally found bento boxes while searching for an alternative to plastic bags for my son’s lunch.  I was think I googled green lunch bags or something and I found Bento Boxes.  Bento and co was probably the first site I visited.  I fell in love.

First off, bento boxes literally allow you to create a “lunchable” without all the junk and fillers in it.  I don’t know about you mom’s and dad’s out there but when I take my 6 year old son to the grocery store there was always a melt down at the Lunchable section.  I buy my son junk food… but for some reason, I could never buy those.  They are just such crap!  So bento boxes allow me to put together the same things, just in a more controlled way.  I am a fan of organic food and grass fed cheese… so for my son and me it is a perfect win-win.

Bento and co | What you will find

What will you find at Bento and co?  You will find all different size, shape and styles of bento boxes.  The accessories you need to put together a proper bento box.  They offer a variety of separators, picks, food cutters, drink holders, bento holders, ice packs and you will also find other great Japanese inspired products and supplies.  You too can take a visit at Bento and co by following the link provided.Ban_336x280_tama

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Bento Boxes are Not Just for Kids Any More

Bento Boxes are not just for kids anymore

Bentos Boxes for Adults I love that they offer adult themed bento boxes.  Why not?  After all adults bring lunches to work.  Bento Boxes for adults are creative, roomy and offer just as much fun as those for kids.  Why not?  Adults need suitable lunch options too.  There are plenty adult like bento boxes for sale online.

Remember how excited you were to get you new lunch box every year to start your school season?  When did that die… I have to admit, I still like to purchase a new lunchbox or cooler for the beach.   My husband packs a lunch every day.  So when we were searching for his next lunch box, we found bento boxes for adults.  I have to say, it was a good idea.  We are trying to reduce the amount of plastic bags we use, and the bento boxes help for sure.  bento boxes for adults

Bento Boxes for Grown Ups

Bento boxes for adults are certainly a great alternative for packing leftovers.  They keep you food warm and they also allow for you to pack a few different options.  We actually bought the one featured to the right.  It is perfect for packing a salad, or the leftovers the night before.  My husband works about 10 hours a day so it is roomy enough that we can pack him enough food to last through the day.  Bento boxes are a great idea for food on the road.  The fact that you can buy bento boxes at local stores such as Target is even better.  You will however find a much larger selection at amazon or other online stores.

Bento Boxes the new lunch box

I often wonder if Bento Boxes will some day take over the lunch box.  The definitely cut down on the plastic bag waste as well as the brown bag waste.  We use them in our house hold for both my son and my husband.  I highly suggest looking into the bento box world for your family.  I will say there is a down side to bento boxes…. DISHES!  More dishes at the end of the night, and do not forget it, or cleaning them the next morning is even less pleasurable.  All and all bento boxes are a great alternative to the lunch time blah’s.

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Bento Boxes


Oh the fun of Bento Boxes

Love Bento Boxes

What are Bento Boxes?

Bento Boxes are Japanese Lunch boxes, and in my blog I am focusing on a morphed version of the classic Japanese wood boxes to a more travel friendly lunch box style.  Bento boxes are a fantastic alternative to the plastic baggies and tin foil waste needed to produce a take away lunch or dinner every day.

Bento Boxes offer a variety of different styles:  metal stackable bowls, plastic squares with smaller inserts, bags with fitting Tupperware like pieces, small plastic bentos that only fit one thing, and my favorite the lunchbox style with a built-in tray of compartments.  Because when you have a 6 year old it is VERY important that the food never touch!

Bento Boxes are not easily found at the stores, so really the best place to purchase them is online.  There are a variety of online merchants offering hundreds of different styles.  I actually own 3 different sets, so depending on what I am feeding my child… I will have the right set.  If you are uncomfortable shopping online, has many for sale, and they are one of the most trusted online sites available.

Benefits of Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes are becoming much more popular in the United States.  They cut down on trash by eliminating the amount of plastic bags and tin foil used.  The are economical because they cost about the same as a typical lunch box but they do not need any plastic baggies so they will save you a ton of money there.  They are easy to wash at the end of the day.  They protect the food, so you or your child doesn’t end up with a smooshed sandwich or chips.  Of course it keeps the food separate, so the carrots will never touch the chips or vice versa.  The schools have less trash to take out.  For me my son comes home with half eaten compartments, so I get to keep track as to what my son at during the day.  You can buy Bento Boxes that keep your food warm or keep them cool… so you lunch time options are a little more open.

This is my FAVORITE benefit, and if you are a mom you know… How many times are you at the grocery store with your child and the BEG you for the lunchables?  In our house we do not buy Lunchables (gross)… they really only want the Lunchable for the dessert anyway.  So I am able to put together my sons own homemade lunchable.  I can give him cheese and crackers with sliced fresh roasted chicken and fruit with no corn syrup.  (My son gets plenty of junk food… but I draw the line at Lunchables).  So with this, I just tell my son to show me what lunchable he wants and we make it with better quality ingredients at home.  So for me these Bento Boxes are a dream.

What can you put in Bento Boxes?

Bento Boxes were created for a typical Japanese meal, lots of veggies, some protein and a carbohydrate.  The food is beautiful to look at and a delight to eat.  Creativity and colorful was what you saw every time you open your Bento Box.  For the typical lunch day at my son’s school he does not get that.  We put cheese and crackers, chicken nuggets, leftover pizza slices, sandwich (cut with a cookie cutter), fruit, veggie strips, a dessert, pretzels, chips, crackers, gummy worms or bears, yogurt, or whatever else I may have in the house.

If you read up on Bento Boxes you will see that many people take these very seriously… that there is a size for each calorie allowance… for me Bento Boxes are handy tools that allow me to pack a lunch with out trash, and in my household they are BPA free plastic and metal containers.  My son thinks all the little compartments are cool and we even found one with a superhero on it.  I have been asked by my son’s friends parents as to where to buy the lunchbox my son has… and that is where I introduce them to the genius that is Bento Boxes.



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Bento Boxes For Kids and Adults

Bento Boxes for Kids and Adults alike.

Bento Boxes for Kids and they are also for adults.  They are the reusable box with sealed compartments for each lunch box item.  Inspired by the Japanese boxes these have been bought mainstream. They literally eliminate the need for the plastic sandwich bag and snack bags.  So all though Bento Boxes for kids have a little higher price tag than typical lunchboxes… the cost is recovered over time because you are not buying the little plastic bags.  Adult Bento Boxes are a bit more pricey, but they are also just as clever.

Bento Boxes for kids

Bento Boxes for kids and adults


Bento Boxes For Kids Make Lunch Time Fun

Bento Boxes for Kids definitely make lunch time fun.  I think it even makes the food a bit more appetising.  My son begs for the Lunchables every time we go grocery shopping.  In my house we try to limit processed foods… so Lunchables are 100% OUT OF THE QUESTION.  With the Bento Boxes for kids, I can make up a much more healthy and nutritious home made Lunchable.  It is perfect!  Really who doesn’t like tapas :)

These boxes fit in the backpack, mostly fit the lunch prepared (I do have a tough time with leftover pizza) and keep the food separate from each other.

Bento Boxes for Kids and Beyond

Bento Boxes for AdultsSo we have covered Bento Boxes for kids, but what about adults?  They have great boxes for adults too.  A little more sophisticated for adults… so you can bring actual meals and soups or salads as an alternative to sandwich and chips.

Bento Boxes Accessories for Kids

Bento Boxes offer many accessories for kids.  They have egg molds, sandwich cutters, dividers, and mini toothpick like things to keep food separated.  They also offer forks and knives and of course chop sticks :)   Believe me Bento Boxes for kids will make your kid the coolest kid at the table.

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Kids Bento Boxes: A Better Lunch Box!

Bento Boxes for KidsKids Bento Boxes:  A Better Lunchbox Alternative

While shopping online for a new lunch box for my son, I came across KIDS BENTO BOXES. Have you heard of them?  I have never heard of them for kids, only for adults.  You know the wood compartment trays that you see at Japanese restaurants…  well they are making these for kids in form of a lunch box.  I LOVED IT!!  I was searching for a “greener” option for my son (per the schools request since we pay for our trash bags in my town), and I found kids bento boxes.  They come in all different sizes and styles.  There are cute ones and functional ones.  Some are very pricey and others not too much, it all depends on the style.

What Are Kids Bento Boxes?

What I like best about Kids Bento Boxes are that they will get rid of the plastic snack and sandwich bags.  Because they each have food compartments, you will  not need the little baggies… I love this for two reasons:

1.  Plastic bags cost $$ and just get thrown away.

2.  I am not sure that the plastic in the bag and the BPA it releases is good for my growing child.

So for me the bento boxes are perfect.  They come in all shapes and sizes and it may make sense to buy a couple different ones so that you always have a bento box to suit your child’s lunch needs.  My son also is the “cool” kid at his lunch table because he has a unique lunchbox.

Where Do I Buy Kids Bento Boxes?

Where do you find Kids Bento Boxes?  As of now the big stores like Target and Walmart do not sell them… so you are best to search online.  Amazon has ton, below are a few examples:


I have also seen them on Ebay as well as various other sites offering a greener lifestyle. (I am not sure if the plastic ones about are BPA free or not… if that is a concern you may want to look into the metal ones… or Specific BPA free plastic ones).

Kids Bento Boxes

Kids Bento Boxes

So if you are in the market for a lunch box wether it be for camp this summer or for a new school box, you should definitely look into Kids Bento Boxes.

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